It’s hard to find a more sexually adventurous, raunchier, sluttier, filthier performer these days than Holly Hendrix. For a girl with just over a year in the business, Holly has risen the bar for new performers, almost daring new girls to be as hardcore than she. From DP’s, double anal, double vag scenes that are part of her regular repertoire, Holly has more than earned her AVN Best New Starlet and XRCO Superslut award. This is only the beginning; the best is yet to come from Holly.



SINFUL: Congratulations on winning Superslut at this year’s XRCO awards.
Holly: To get Superslut, the one that I wanted, is pretty fucking awesome. It was super-duper surprising, just as surprising as winning AVN.

SINFUL: The XRCO voters are made up of critics. How do you feel about critics in general?
Holly: Honestly, I feel they are my biggest motivation. They are my biggest critics. [Laughs] Literally they are what they say they are. I like to read reviews. I like to read what the critics have to say. I like to hear what they have to say about my scenes. So, I give them what they want for next time or later. If someone’s like, “I wish Holly hadn’t worn her shoes the whole entire time. It would’ve made it a ten out of ten instead of a nine out of ten.” OK, maybe I should do more scenes with my shoes off. So, I learn from them. Everybody has room to perfect and you can’t perfect anything if you don’t know what people want to see.

SINFUL: As far as winning Best New Starlet at AVN this year, has the feeling of winning that award sunk in yet?
Holly: It felt like a dream. It’s just that moment when my fingers are crossed, I’m holding my breath, everybody is encouraging, and then all of sudden I hear my name. I could not believe it. I don’t know how to describe it. I was shocked. Like, “No fucking way.”

SINFUL: What did you do that night after the awards show?
Holly: I didn’t really celebrate too much. My agent and I went out and we talked. It was a heart to heart kind of thing. Like, “Now you must live up to your title, your name. Let’s talk about what you’re going to do next.” Now I have more things to work on. Higher expectations I guess you could say.

SINFUL: Do you consider yourself a superslut?
Holly: Oh, for sure. That’s totally mine, but I thought I wasn’t going to get that. That’s too good to be true. But yeah, I totally deserved that one. I can definitely say that.

SINFUL: You currently have All Stuffed Up 2 by Evil Angel out now and it has your first double vag scene.
Holly: That was spur of the moment, very spontaneous. I was not necessarily booked for it. It just fucking happened. So that’s not normally how things happen in porn but things just fucking happen. Because of that it made it an amazing scene. I was surprised to see myself on the box cover. It was great. I’ve been wanting a scene like that all fucking year. To be given that by Evil Angel, we’re going to make the best of it.

SINFUL: What feels better, double anal or double vag?
Holly: I can say it’s so much easier to work with my butt I guess. It’s more exciting, it’s more intense, it’s more of what I like to do. It’s more comfortable. It’s hardcore fucking. It’s what I like to do. And plus, it’s easier to work with it. I’m more comfortable with it. My vagina is so tiny that it’s hard. [Laughs] It’s so hard to do that. I told myself that it would never happen. That’s impossible. No way no how. And it just happened. I thought it could never happen. I don’t think that it could just happen again if someone asked me to do it. But if I wanted to do it, it would happen. If someone asked me to do it, it wouldn’t happen. Because then I would be working for it. I would be trying to do that instead of “I want it,” spur of the moment kind of thing where it works out so much better.

I’ve never been booked for a double anal scene. I’ve never been booked for that... well, once. And that was my worse one. The one I was booked for was my worse double anal. It was my least successful. My Evil Angel showcase, I was never booked for double anal. For Jules Jordan, I wasn’t booked for double anal. It just happened those days. Perv City it just happened. All those days it just happened. For the one I was booked for double anal, it worked out, it happened but it wasn’t as successful as it could’ve been if it were spur of the moment.

SINFUL: You’re a spontaneous performer.
Holly: Yes. When I feel like it isn’t good enough, if it feels like the same old same old, it’s boring. I’m like, “How do I make this exciting? I want to have fun. I want to do something, I want to feel something, I want to do this. I’m bored. It’s the same stuff every fucking day. I want to do something crazy. Scruff me up. Do something. Give me a reaction. Make me want it. Make me a fucking slut.” I love it. I love that. I love being pushed.

SINFUL: Pushed to the limit?
Holly: Yes. When I tell you I want something do it. But when you tell me you want something now I have to give you something. I want you to give me something. It just works out better that way. And when I know you’re giving me something I want in my mind it’s like, “Fuck yes!” It’s more desirable when you’re telling someone what you want.

SINFUL: In your personal life that’s how you are as well?
Holly: Yes. If a guy walks up to me and says, “Let’s go fuck.” Yeah, we’re going to fuck. But it’s so much better when I go, “Hey, let’s go fuck.” Me. When I come onto you that’s how you know the sex is going to be amazing. When you come onto me yeah, we’re gonna fuck but it’s not going to be what you want. When I want to fuck you, I WANT TO FUCK YOU. I can’t describe it.

SINFUL: In your personal life have you been with multiple guys, done DPs?
Holly: Yeah, I have. A few times but not like you think. It doesn’t really work out successfully as you think it would. They’re not professional. It’s different when they’re not performers. [Laughs]

SINFUL: What kind of girls do you like hooking up with?
Holly: I fucking love MILFs. Older women, I love big boobs, I love that comforting, innocent mommy type of woman. I like a woman who’s a little less dominant. More submissive. I like to be able to take control. I just want to please a woman. I want a woman who wants to be pleased. I like to be able to take control. I want to be a more dominant kind of woman. So, if it’s not a MILF, I don’t want an in betweener. [Laughs] I go for the cute, young, innocent, little blonde girl who wants to be taken control of. So, it’s either the innocent mommy or the innocent kid. [Laughs]

SINFUL: Any porn girls you want to work with?
Holly: I really want to work with Megan Rain. Kissa Sins, Kendra Lust for sure. I’m dying to work with her. Cherie Deville, I worked with her once but I need to work with her again. Ashley Fires, I want her to dom me with a strap-on.

SINFUL: You’re known for anal. Do you have a lot of anal in your personal life?
Holly: No way. [Laughs] You would think so but I really don’t. I save it for the camera. I think that’s what makes it more exciting because it’s not something I get all the time. When you get something all the time it’s not as worthy.

SINFUL: What’s the biggest cock you’ve had in your ass.
Holly: Manuel Ferrara.

SINFUL: You think you can handle someone like Mandingo or Lexington Steele in your ass?
Holly: Yeah! I’m waiting for that, maybe in an IR showcase.

SINFUL: Is interracial on the horizon?
Holly: I’m just waiting for an exclusive like in a showcase. You gotta make it worth it. I’m just waiting for the right time, the right company. The right opportunity, the right offer. I don’t know when it’s going to happen but it will.

SINFUL: Are you a size queen?
Holly: No. I don’t really think that matters. I don’t think anyone can say it matters because I’ve been with huge guys and they were terrible. It’s the worse sex you ever had in your life. Then guys who are average were the best sex I ever had in my entire life. It has nothing to do with the cock size. I think it has to do with comfortability and how well you can fuck.

SINFUL: Is confidence key?
Holly: For sure, because if you’re in doubt or insecure it’s not going to be desirable.

SINFUL: Do you have any sexual limits?
Holly: Me? No way. [Laughs] Do you remember who you’re talking to? [Laughs]

Get to know more about Holly by following her on Twitter @hollyhendrix_ and on her Instagram at Thehollyhendrix.

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